I think noadware screwed me over

By skategoodtimes
Apr 13, 2009
  1. okay so don't really know what all happened. But my computer is pretty messed up right now. What I would like to do is just do a clean install. But my computer won't let me boot from cd anymore, it did two weeks ago. And I also tried doing a system restore to see if I could go back a little while and things be better, but its not even letting me do that now. It tells me to click next to start the restore but doesn't do anything at all.

    I've also tried doing all 8 steps but steps 4 and 5 aren't letting me download the files... so for right now I hope we can still get something done with this.. I'm going to attach my hijackthis log. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help me get my computer back to normal.
  2. jesse14

    jesse14 TS Rookie

    what type of problems did you start to see? and what happend? like can you see your task bar or run in safe mode?
  3. AudioVayne

    AudioVayne TS Rookie Posts: 99

    Some machines will enter a boot menu if you keep tapping [F12] when you switch it on...
  4. skategoodtimes

    skategoodtimes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes I can see my task bar and run in safe mode. right now the only real problems I have are like when I search in google and click a link it doesnt take me to the link i clicked. it opens up a different window.. like "" or something. and like media from websites wont play. Its kind of weird. And the fact that it wont let me boot from cd or do a system restore. But yeah Ive done the f12 at startup and changed my boot sequence to 1. boot from cd rom or whatever it is and my windows xp cd is in the drive but its like it just ignores that theres anything there and boots up like normal anyways
  5. hellokitty[hk]

    hellokitty[hk] Hello, nice to meet you! Posts: 3,435   +145

    That would be called a browser hijacker, actually I don't think remember whats its called, and I don't think thats right, anyway thats unimportant.

    If you havn't already, try opening up the boot menu, otherwise, I don't know what the problem is, most viruses will not affect your computer's bios or any such thing.

    If possible, you could download antivirus software and antimalware on to a flash drive, or other portable media and use that. Note, you may infect that too, so use something you don't really care about.

    Yes, i would say your computer is pretty screwed.
  6. mflynn

    mflynn TS Rookie Posts: 2,655

    Boot to Safe Mode with Networking

    Download the below file to desktop
    Then boot to SafeMode Networking

    Execute it. It will make a Fixer folder on Desktop. Enter the folder and Dbl Clik the RepairAssoc.reg approve it to run.

    When it finishes run the RatsCheddar and enable all.

    Next run Daft scan and select all red items to fix if any.

    Download MBAM that uses a different name

    Try to install if it installs try to update. If it will update or not but will run then run it select and clean all found and post its log.

    Then run it again to confirm it now finds nothing post this log also. If it finds more then run it even again and post this log.

    3.Download SAS that uses a different name
    Try to install if it installs try to update. If it will update or not but will run then run it select and clean all found and post its log.

    Then run it again to confirm it now finds nothing post this log also. If it finds more then run it even again and post this log

    If these run then boot back to normal mode and go to the 8 Steps and do the CCleaner (clean temps and registry twice or more until no more found).

    Then post a HJT log!

  7. skategoodtimes

    skategoodtimes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm having trouble with all of this. It wont really let me run anything. I got to where it says run the daft scan but it wont open. I click it and then the little hourglass shows up like its gonna load something up but nothing happens.
  8. mflynn

    mflynn TS Rookie Posts: 2,655

    Chage the order I gave,

    In the Fixer folder run Fixit.cmd then try the RatsCheddar and Daft.

  9. skategoodtimes

    skategoodtimes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    still not working. when i try enabling on the ratscheddar it says something like failed to save data and then when I tried to run the fixit.cmd it basically says the same thing. something about failure...

    actually it says the specified service does not exist as an installed service

    wow. it wont even let me do a disc defragmenter or anything..... would just buying a brand new hard drive and destroying this one also be another choice I have? it would be an easy fix wouldnt it?
  10. mflynn

    mflynn TS Rookie Posts: 2,655

    Well that would be one way. But no need to throw away the HD.

    I have seen people on this Board run into real problems thinking a Format and reinstall is the easy way. Most times it goes well other times they come up with SATA and other diver issues Serial number issues. Plus reinstalling all the non OS apps you need. At the least it is a fairly long process.

    Don't you have important data on HD like Emails Documents Tax records Music Photos?

    If not then a full low level erasure then full format looks like the way to go.

    But recovery is still possible.

    Here is what to do next if you decide not to format now. On another computer with a CDRW make the following Boot/Recovery CD.

    1. Get Avira Rescue Boot CD

    2. Get ImgBurn Use this to Burn Image.

    3. Boot the infected from this CD chose 2 Boot into AntiVir Rescue System
    4. Choose English language and wait for Drivers to load.could pause several moments at 80%

    5. Arrow down to scan and hit Enter key

    6.Hit Enter on next screen to Scan all files

    7. On next screen hit R and enter to Repair infected files.

    8. On next screen "Select additional file types leave all selected and hit enter

    9. On next screen hit Enter to start scan
    When finished approve to fix all.

    This is important after the above reboot to Safe Mode Networking (try not to boot to normal yet) and again try to do post #6.

  11. skategoodtimes

    skategoodtimes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well everything I need I already have saved onto my ipod as like an external hard drive I guess. And my computer wont let me boot from cd remember? I already tried that with my windows xp cd and my computer just ignores it. What i'd like to do is just start new basically.
  12. mflynn

    mflynn TS Rookie Posts: 2,655

    Well to do that you will need to be able to boot from the Windows CD!

    Test the cd you tried to boot with on another computer to confirm it is bootable.

    When trying to boot with infected computer does the CD light flash and CD spin up when you insert the CD?

    When booting the CD look in top left corner of screen and strike Enter if it says "Strike Any key to boot from CD.

    If no such message then enter BIOS and look for Boot order and change to below.

    CD first
    Floppy 2nd
    HD 3rd
    Other disabled.

    Then reboot with the Windows Setup CD.

    Good luck!

    If you can get CD to boot, I advise the Rescue cd first as you have nothing to lose and can always format and reinstall later!

  13. skategoodtimes

    skategoodtimes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I know for sure the cd I have is bootable. Because around a month ago I booted from it because I was having problems still and I just installed a new version of windows. Its like my computer is blocking me from doing anything that would let me go back and fix things. When I open the cd it errors come up now when two weeks ago everything worked fine. And my boot order is already changed to cd first then floppy then hard drive but like I said in my first post I think. Its like the computer just ignores the fact that theres a cd in there to boot from and just loads up like normal anyways.

    If I do just buy a new hard drive.. is it as easy and taking this one out and destroying it and then putting the new one in and just starting fresh? or is there more to it that I dont know of?
  14. mflynn

    mflynn TS Rookie Posts: 2,655

    Have you booted to the Advanced boot menu (location of Safe mode selections) and tried Last Known good configuration?

    If not try that!

    The HD likely has nothing to do with your booting from a CD and would likely still give the same problem with a new HD.

    To prove this shutdown open case unplug both cables to HD to eliminate it from boot. Now try to boot from CD. If it does boot frm CD it will complain No Bootabe HD!

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