I want to build a Gaming PC

By MinerNolan
Dec 1, 2014
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  1. Okay, I really want to build a gaming PC.
    So, I basically want to build a gaming computer for the experience of putting one together.
    I'd rather have intel or AMD, whichever is fine.
    My budget is anything, but $650-700 MAX.
    Now, I know 650-700 is minimum for a GAMING computer (at least I think I know), but all I want to do on the computer is normal gaming. Like, not hardcore 4k thing or whatever, but just ONE monitor playing a simple game. I don't need ULTRA graphic settings on the game, low-medium but still high dps is absolutely fine. I just want to be able to play modern games smoothly.
    I have an idea of some stuff I want, BUT I have NO CLUE with compatibility with these things. I don't know how to tell this stuff.
    So could someone give me the parts of a good computer for a gamer such as I? I play WoW, D3, MC, L4D2, SMITE, etc.
    I shoulda asked this's Cyber Monday.. I NEED TO SQUEEZE IN SOME PURCHASES!

    Thanks!! Please help me out :)
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