I want to go with a Crossfire setup

By herbalfire
Feb 21, 2012
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  1. guys my board only supports xfire and I'm currently sporting a gtx 460 I want to go with a xfire setup and have been offered a hf 4890 or I could sell the card and spend £40 more on a hd5770 any ideas as the performance seams pretty similar on both cards
  2. red1776

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    How important is DX11 to you?
  3. ttgavenged

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  4. slh28

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    A more powerful single graphics card is better than a 5770 crossfire setup, less heat and noise and also if you go for CF you might need a new power supply.
  5. herbalfire

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    my current card is dx11 but I wouldn't mind going back to dx10 as I cant really see much differance so I might go for the 4890 and pick up a decent 5 series later when prices drop

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