I want to play photos on my PC to my TV via my TV card S-Video connection

By friend2u
Jun 22, 2010
  1. Hi guys, I want to play family photos from my PC to my TV using the S-Video 4 pin connection on the back of my TV card. I can connect with a 10 foot S-Video 4 pin cable. My question is how do I run my photos thru the TV card?
  2. captaincranky

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    Photos sent out over S-Video to the TV are likely going to be disappointing to you. Could you tell us what type of TV we're talking about, and perhaps what version of Windows your computer has, as well as what, if any, imaging software is present in the machine?
  3. friend2u

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    I have a good CRT set, I have been using a DVD player to show photos but it is a pain making the CD's when all I want to do is display them. I have window 7 64 bit. On the computer I display them either with Faststone image Viewer or FlipAlbum. For editing I have Photoshop. When using the DV method with an S-Video connection the photos display remarkably well. I thought of buying the WD Live media player but I notice it does not have S-Video only composite and HDMI and I cannot use HDMI with my CRT set. My computer has a TV card which has an S-Video 4 pin connection.and I am wondering if I could send the photos through that card somehow?
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    i assume you have S Video output in your graphic card, what you need to do is to enable that particular 'TV' Display through the display control panel. which graphic card are you using?
  5. friend2u

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    The graphics are intergrated the card I am refering to is a TV card which had an S-Video and coax connection on the back.
  6. nismo91

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    i see, but i doubt the TV tuner would be able to output a signal through the S video and coax.

    the s video and coax in tv tuner cards are primarily used for video capture (input) instead, not video output. you can always double check though.
  7. covertcriminal

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    PC to TV connection

    I just got done hooking my HP Media Center PC to my 50" Samsung plasma. First I tried dvi to component cable. This did not work because the TV reads a different signal than your monitor does. Next, I tried 15 pin vga to svideo/component converter box. It worked, kinda. The quality was horrible, you could not read text due to blurriness. The third thing I tried was a wireless device from x10. It was cheap and showed promise but suffered from wireless interference. Even when they were close enough to touch it flickered constantly. Finally I found a wireless device that plugs into your usb port instead and sends it to a receiver device. How far is the computer to the TV? It DOES NOT work well through walls. Best line of site. Mine is 20 - 30 ft away and looks great. The only drawback is when viewing video in "full-screen" mode it has slight pixelation but other than that its the best one I've seen. Here is the link to the page I found it. I hope this helps!!/pages/Pimped-Out-Technology/131244850224134
  8. friend2u

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    Are you talking about the Warpia adapter (USB)? That is $179.

    (4th item down on page link below)

    Warpia Wireless USB PC to TV Audio and Video Display Adapter
    No More Cables. The Warpia Wireless USB PC to TV Audio and Video Display Adapter allows you to watch anything contained on your laptop on your HDTV or wirelessly with a PC Projector. Perfect for home or office use.
  9. covertcriminal

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    PC to TV Connection

    Yeah, Warpia, Search Ebay, I found mine for $80. Its the best solution I found for my computer to tv. I can mirror my desktop to tv or extend it as a second monitor. Just go to ebay and make a few bids. I tried several different things and they did not work. Just trying to cut out some of the steps I went through. Good Luck!
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