I would appreciate some help regarding business virus protection

By Darrenbilly
Feb 13, 2014
  1. Good afternoon,

    I would appreciate some help with virus protection for a business. We have roughly 45 users, each with their own PC running either XP, Vista or 7 (we anticipate switching most users to 7 by the end of the year). A colleague recently had an issue with her bank, whereby someone stole her personal detail from her PC at work, this was confirmed after scanning it with Malwarebytes and it finding a trojan that did just that. Our IT is very outdated. The PCs have not had Windows updates since 07/08.

    Our IT 'experts', which is outsourced, have said that the best thing for us to do is keep it in house, as they would charge a lot to implement this for us. I have no issue carrying out the necessary work on each PC, but would like information beforehand. I know that Techspot is a place I can come to, to get information that helps me.

    I know that I cannot simply download the home user version of MB on each PC and rely on that entirely. So it is likely we will purchase sufficient licensing for MB for the whole company. In your expert opinions, would it be sufficient for me to personally go around to each PC, install Windows updates and to have MB running on the system and have it scheduled to update/run every day? Our outsourced IT company deal with our server firewall and virus protection and suggested running MB on the affected machine. Aside from this they run McAffee, which is not updated nor run frequently on every machine.

    OR are there other programmes out there I should use, instead of MB? Something suited for a business, perhaps that has a control panel I can access on my PC and ensure force updates on users and scans? Is this too far fetched?!

    Your help is much appreciated, as it is helping me.

    Thank You.
  2. Broni

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    Malwarebytes is an excellent program but it's not an antivirus program.
    You have to have some AV program which is up to date.

    This is pretty much suicidal.
  3. Darrenbilly

    Darrenbilly TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 161

    Malwarebytes would be a good place to start then? I are that they sell a USB stick that has unlimited use. To your knowledge would this be a good way to go?

    I'm fully aware of the implications with not having their anti virus software up to date. It is now my task to ensure it is. I really need to be able to implement the updates and force scan to happen remotely. Accessing the users pcs is difficult.
    Thanks for responding
  4. Broni

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  5. Darrenbilly

    Darrenbilly TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 161

    $400 is cheaper than the £800 quoted for the 48 licenses we would need. But I've just seen that techcrunch is not for corporate use.

    Is there much point having mbam if McFaffee is updated and run regularly? We do have Mcaffee installed but it isn't used how it should be. I will be enforcing mandatory updates and scans in the very near future
  6. Broni

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    MBAM is a very recommended addition to any AV program.

    There is really not much you have to about McAfee.
    As long as it's paid for it'll update itself without any extra intervention.
  7. Darrenbilly

    Darrenbilly TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 161

    I shall think more about mbam and ensure users pcs are scanned regularly with antivirus, not just updated.

    I thank you for your help with this
  8. Broni

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    You're very welcome [​IMG]

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