I would like to submit Howler 8 for review

By Dan Ritchie
May 28, 2013
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  1. My name is Daniel Ritchie. I am the developer of the painting software Howler 8 for Windows, which I would like to submit for review, and mirroring.

    We are a natural media painting suite, and we've been an innovator in the market for 15 years. You could place us in between Corel Painter and Photoshop in regard to functionality, but we also have an advanced animation subsystem, and for the last several years we have optimized for tablets. We like to offer superior performance on tablets than the bigger names, while still offering a huge assortment of tools for digital artists. These are just a few of the features we offer:
    • Full natural media simulation with tablet support optimized for tablets.
    • Real-time, full screen filters even on modest hardware, instead of postage stamp sized previews.
    • Paint complex animations with simple brush strokes using our fully features animation system.
    • Re-time video using motion prediction technology.
    • Perform rotoscoping and camera stabilization for film quality special effects work.
    • Paint realistic trees and foliage with a single brush stroke.
    • 3D rendering and animating: Scenery, height maps, text, or anything you can paint.
    • Apply filters to animations very quickly with a keyframe based timeline.
    • Advanced color mixing, such as being able to mix true complementary colors.
    • Advanced symmetry works not only with brush strokes, but with filters and other tools.
    Howler 8 can be found on our resellers website at www.thebest3d.comor on our site at

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