IE 6 Security questions

By EntropyRlz
May 17, 2002
  1. I confess I know nothing about coding. However I built this monster I'm working on and I at least know when it's not performing up to speed. For the past 3 days it has been sluggish as hell, system resources have been low and several progs have frozen. Last night I see a report on the news about the new patch availability for IE 6 and I immediately get it and install it.
    Things seem to be running smoothly now other than an occasional temporary freeze when clicking a link in IE. Coincedence? Hmmmm

    Now for most of you this may be a series of really dumb questions, but I'm not afraid :).

    Is it possible that I had visited a site that took advantage of the vulnerabilities, and the patch alleviated the problems? Or am I still subject to the problems but just can't have any new problems with further sites that would take advantage of IE6?
    If I had visited such a site, and the underlying problem(s) still exist, where would I look to resolve the issues and specifically what particular things should I be concerned about having been compromised?
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  3. techfreak

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    Try this


    You could try to repair your installed version of IE 6. I think you have to go to add/remove to do this but don't know for sure. Anyway this will update your IE to its first installed state.

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