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By kanbun
Sep 1, 2004
  1. I use a desktop running WinXP home. Recently, I began using Mozilla Firefox as my default browser. I haven't opened Internet Explorer in over a month. However, I find that IE is running in the background whenever I turn on the system. An occasional pop up gets thru the pop up blocker and there is IE. I have checked msconfig and the services menu and haven't been able to find anything that will disable IE in this mode. And, even though it's running, it doesn't show up in the Windows Task Manager.

    How can I disable IE from running in the background? Can I uninstall it? I'm using Outlook Express and wonder if an uninstall would take OE too.

    I am grateful for any suggestions.

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    You could uninstall it with XPLite, however, if you use Windows Update, you'll need it.

    Are you sure it is IE that creates those popups? It could be Messenger service, too.
  3. kanbun

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    I'm not exactly sure what/where the popups are coming from. I have disabled IE entirely as far as default browser goes, even in OE I default to Firefox. I have a separate popup stopper running, and the popup stopper in Firefox is enabled. I also use Webroot to clear cache etc., and whenever I turn it on it recognizes IE, even though it isn't visible and not in the Windows Task Manager. Also, I regularly run SpyBot, Ad-Aware, etc. to remove spyware.

    I'm convinced it some kind of spyware that is enabling IE, but I'm pretty sure it's already running on startup.

    If I remove IE, will I also lose Outlook Express?

  4. Mictlantecuhtli

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  5. kanbun

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    I disabled messenger as described in the link provided. However, I have never "disabled" IE, only changed my default browser to Firefox. I used a program recommended by Mozillla to change the default browser (can't remember its name), since using Windows to change the default still forces links in OE to open in IE.

    In any event, how would I 'disable' IE? Is the only alternative to uninstall it?

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