IE7 slow of the mark

By Ididmyc600
Feb 15, 2009
  1. Hi all

    Just been given a mates PC to have a look at, its got a weird problem that i cant seem to figure out.

    XP home, starts fine from the welcome screen to desktop appearing is about 10 seconds.

    For the start menu to come up about another 10-15 seconds.

    At this point you can launch any program you like and its ready to run.


    If you click on the IE shortcut its taking about 1 minute from the click to having the home page ( come up to a useable state.

    If after loading you close IE and reopen it, it starts up fine with no delay at all.

    Ive done the usual things, tidied up the startup, defrag ran chkdsk, emptied the IE files (cookies etc), ive run drive tests on the HDD all OK,

    If you leave the PC for a few minutes, like go make a cup of tea, and come back IE loads fine, its just taking its time to load as soon as the PC desktop is up.

    Im scratching my head.
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