I'm sorry, but it was funny

By LinkedKube
Jun 28, 2009
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  1. joey299

    joey299 TS Rookie

    LOL. Wow. Great post.
  2. levar

    levar TS Rookie Posts: 229

    oh my gosh!!!! lol

    and u mean :45secs not "45:00"
  3. Luna01

    Luna01 TS Rookie

    Wow. Great!
  4. Jacob125

    Jacob125 TS Rookie

    lol, it's great
  5. BluStang05

    BluStang05 TS Rookie Posts: 30

    hahhaha thats great
  6. Deathstar17

    Deathstar17 TS Rookie Posts: 26

    Hahah, that was funny. Thanks for pointing it out.
  7. Signomi

    Signomi TS Rookie

    Oh lord, now that is hilarious.
  8. HeWentToJareds

    HeWentToJareds TS Rookie Posts: 23

  9. Steve1389

    Steve1389 TS Rookie

    HAHA Nice!

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