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By TwistEdFish
Jan 11, 2008
  1. Greetings All,
    This could be the strangest request in history but I thought I'd take a shot.

    I'm in search of a piece of software that is capable of looking at an actual image adding its properties or for lack of a better way to say it, Its appearance to a data base and using that information to find duplicates of the image on a system.

    My reasoning for this is I am a Photography and Art buff as well as a Wall Mural Artists, Over time I have accumulated well over 150,000 images on to my computer and have now decided I would like to attempt to sort them. First off by getting rid of duplicates then I will start on actually placing them into subject categories.

    Does anyone know of software that can do this ? I know some must exist simply because if it did not then police and forensic labs would have no ability to do finger print matches based on the saved images of finger prints placed in their data base.

    Thanks Very much in advance for any and all information in regards to this inquiry
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  3. TwistEdFish

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    WHOA, Kewl!!!
    Thank you so much Kimsland for you super fast responce and putting me onto the exact piece of software that I am in need of.

    High 5 and Many Thanks!!!!
  4. kimsland

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    From main page
    Not sure on the trial limmitations
    Before you run a 4 hour scan (actually I don't know how long it takes), you may wish to check.
  5. TwistEdFish

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    QUICK UPDATE: I have just found a software that is even more specific to what I was looking for this program actually finds Images that are even saved in different formats that are the same. using pixel recognition on a very small area in the center of any image. heres where I found it at and it is actually cheaper than the other which i was about to purchase. This company will sell you a liscence to use ALL of their software for $10 dollars and they also have a Dupe File Finder that is not Image specific! Hope this helps someone else besides myself!
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