In Nvidia CP what does "enhance AA" do?

  1. I understand what AA override is, that's simple enough but the short description given in the CP is just not enough, what does this do? Does it give better performance or something?
  2. Arris

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    I haven't had a Nvidia card for a while so can't be sure but I'm guessing it will use a more efficient sampling method for the anti-aliasing.

    Apparently after a little searching it used CSAA instead of MSAA.

    CSAA -
    Basically it should give much the same AA as the games own MSAA method but with less of a performance hit. Download FRAPS or use the games own methods for monitoring frames per second to see the difference in performance over these two methods.
  3. childofthetao

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    Thanks for the information Arris I will definitely do that.

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