inactive primary partition

By vtribes
May 9, 2006
  1. i played with partition magic and did these things:

    i created i: logical drive.
    i make it primary partition. and have two primary.
    i forced to boot from this i:
    so it didn't boot.
    now it seems that c: becomes f:
    and it seems that inactive but i can view f: and its folders and files.

    I don't have diskette driver on my pc. so i don't have boot diskettes I think it is a simple reactivate primary partition command. I consider to install a new xp installation on c: (old f: ) and run partition magic to change f: to c:.
  2. Nodsu

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    The "active" flag on a partition is only used by bootloaders, it has nothing to do with the visibility of the partition. Yes, Windows enumerates active primary partitions before other primary partitions and such. Gory details here:

    You can create a bootable CD containing the Partition Magic boot floppies (need a virtual floppy drive). Or use some other partitioning software to mark the right partition active. See
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  4. vtribes

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    thanks for your help. I use ultimate boot cd. There are too many choices and i don't know which is which so i pick up randomly: f3 and 3. Luckily windows booted. I reversed my changes(delete i: and activate c: ) and windows has opened safely...
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