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By pilotdud
Jun 16, 2005
  1. On my work network I have three D-Link DI-624 wireless routers setup to transfer DHCP from the main server. Each of these access points has a cable running from their LAN port to a central hub connected to the Gateway router which in turn is connected to the Server. (bit of a mouthful) The network appears to work wonderfully. File transfers from the office to the machine shop (which is the longest transfer) and the internet and FTP connections are very fast. HOWEVER, when I ping from the server to a router outside of the Gateway router I receive a very inonsistent ping packet transfer. I can ping two or three times and have zero time outs and then on the next three or four have all time outs. If I wait several minutes and try again I can get a couple of perfect pings and then they become random again. If I ping the gateway router it is always perfect but outside of that and the packet transfer deteriorates. The central hub is new so I don't believe it is an issue with it. I've checked on a network monitor and it's not dropping an excessive amount of packets by any means. Does anyone know what may be causing the random ping sequences? So far it hasn't caused a real issue, but I'd like to know what is causing this so if I ever do have a "real" issue I may know the source of the problem. Little things like this tend to build up and cause big problems. If anyone has anysuggestions or ideas I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Chris
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    Try tracert

    Do a trace route from a DOS window tracert <dest> and look to see if the delay is specific to a hop, ie between two specific network points.

    I wasn't clear on what you meant by "ping from the server to a router outside of the Gateway router". Are you pinging outside the company to the internet or simply to another server in the office via a different router. It would help to understand the physica diagram better. If your pinging outside the company, where is the firewall?

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    I appologize for the lack of clarity. The 'Gateway router' is the first wireless router linked to the server. Initially it was our DHCP router but it has since been changed to a relay of sorts between the server and the rest of the wireless routers. When pinging 'from the server to a router outside of the Gateway', I am refering to a ping that goes from the server through the 'gateway' router to another router in the network. I am not pinging outside of the network when I have the timeout. If I am still not being clear please just ask and I will do my best to explain. Thanks for your help
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