Infected File? I think?

By Doctor Gallop
Jan 29, 2006
  1. Any advice would be appreciated. I ran a program called: 'Advanced Spyware Remover' and it seems to pick up spyware that other programs in my arsenal do not find. Okay that sounds good, but! It keeps finding this:
    File Name:c\program\advanced spyware remover\quarantine\twvnk001.
    Object Description: [spyware/adware] Trojan,Trojan Clicker.win32.Rotarran.
    After telling the program to remove it, it says it has, but when I run the program again, it is still there!
    How bad is this thing? Should I be worried? What can I do to get it out of my computer?
    Please, any advice would be helpful! Thank you.
  2. Peddant

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  3. howard_hopkinso

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    Boot into safe mode, and turn system restore off.

    Then run the programme again a couple of times, and see if it still finds any problems.

    Once finished. Boot into normal mode, and turn system restore back on.

    Regards Howard :)
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