Install new HP C6100 software over top of old C5100 or not?

By phkhgh
Jan 11, 2009
  1. Been using HP C5100 series all in one printer at home. It's going to wife's work now.

    QUESTION: Since laptop needs to use C5100 at work & C6200 at home, on the LAPTOP, should I install the new software OVER the C5100 - assuming the C6100 software is backwards compatible & handle both printers?

    OR, UNINSTALL the C5100 software on laptop, & hope new C6100 series will handle BOTH printers (once separate printers are set up in Printers / Faxes)?

    To complicate a bit more - laptop connects thru wireless network at home, but will connect to C5100 w/ USB at work.

    I uninstalled ALL C5100 on desktop & installed new software. At 1st, it only allowed installing into OLD C5100 folder - said "in order to work w/ other installed HP products." There were NO other HP products left installed, just leftover registry keys their uninstall prgm didn't delete - I deleted them, & everything was good.

    NOTE: the printers are similar but some different features on new one, w/ different "Solution Center" GUI & diff options for things like scanning on C6100 that weren't w/ the C5100 software (even latest ver).

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