Install Windows 7 without DVD ROM

By Punkid
Aug 31, 2009
  1. ok heres the deal...i have 2 PCs one is working and running win7 64bit
    ...the other one has only an IDE HDD...if i connect my DVD ROM(also IDE) to that compuuter along with the HDD the computer wont boot and would stuck at POST...ive read the BIOS release history of the motherboard and it says that some issues still occur with some combinations of IDE drives...

    the HDD on that 2nd PC has no OS installed and i need to install windows 7 on it...i have two options, Network Boot and if there are any files that i can copy into that drive to install the OS..

    ive tried the network,but i failed...but ill try again if someone can provide me a good guide...and is there any way i can copy the win7 installation on that drive and somehow boot from it?
  2. gagansood77

    gagansood77 TS Rookie

    Here is something you can try !!!

    Install windows vista with service pack 1 on your PC. Then install Power ISO. Make the image file of Windows 7 and mount the same on virtual drive.

    Now install Windows 7 from that virtual Drive.

    I had installed Windows 7 the same way.

    If you want me to elobrate it further let me know !!!

  3. Punkid

    Punkid TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 421

    My First PC: all set and running and i dont wanna mess with it

    My Second PC: has IDE drive ,when i connect my DVD ROM along with the IDE drive,computer doesnt installing any OS off a Disc is out of question...
    either i can copy setup files of the OS onto the IDE drive using my First PC OR i can do a network boot if someone can provide a good guide which works with win7 64bit
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