Installation of printer drivers to all users

By resolve
Oct 1, 2008
  1. Hello,
    I have a lajerprinter (HP) and i configured it as a network printer. Recenty we have re-imaged all the machines using Ghost. Now i want to install the printer drivers in all machines. How to push the drivers to all the computers. Please help me to get rid of this problem.
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    all the employees in a company are limited users. if they want to add the printer, then i have to go and install printer with domain admin or local admin privileges. It means that printer drivers are loaded in that machine then that machine user can add the printer as the printer drivers loaded already. If it is like this i have to go each and every machine install the printer drivers or add the printer.
    My question is if i push the printer drivers so everyone can add the printer. How do i push the printer drivers.
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    Welcome back resolve, I actually thought the issue was resolved :)

    There are a few ways to handle this, but it does depend on your network configuration.

    Is this a Domain network or Workgroup network?
    Are you running Server OS and user workstations?
    Is the Printer connected to the main network hub, or is it connected to a Print Server?
    Hmm, this may be difficult though (to install drivers)
    Actually Hp themselves may have a Network install software tool, that you could use
    Please live "chat" with them about this h e r e
    I believe this would be your best option

    Good luck :grinthumb
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