Intel confirms new processor plans

By Julio Franco
May 7, 2004
  1. Intel has confirmed the information we reported earlier today, the chip giant has canceled two important projects on its roadmap, the Prescott successor code-named 'Tejas', and a Xeon processor for low-end servers, code-named Jayhawk, both based on current Pentium 4 technology.

    This puts in clear light Intel's concern behind heat dissipation of current Pentium 4 cores. It's expected that Pentium Ms, or technology very related to it will take place as the company's flagship eventually. Is of Intel's interests as well to speed up the development of dual core chips, in order to boost processors performance without relaying on MHz increases like it's been for the last decade or so.
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    Good because those Prescotts were a total flop :D
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