Intel Prepare Super-thin Ultrabook

By Archean
May 31, 2011
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  1. Intel is Planning for Ultra think notebooks to be sold in about 2 years time, also they have registered 'Ultrabook' trademark so no one else will be able to name their offering as 'ultrabook'.


    Intel's vision for the Ultrabook is a marriage between the performance and capabilities of today’s laptops and tablet-like features in a highly responsive and secure experience, in a thin, light and elegant design.


    Intel EVP Sean Maloney says "following "Sandy Bridge and “Ivy Bridge,” “Haswell” is the third step toward achieving the Ultrabook and reinventing the capabilities of the laptop in ultra thin and light, responsive and secure designs. With “Haswell,” Intel will change the mainstream laptop thermal design point by reducing the microprocessor power to half of today’s design point.

    Intel also wants to bring the always on, always connected experience to Ultrabooks. 3G tablets and smartphones currently enjoy this but notebooks have lacked it. When you wake your notebook up from sleep you usually have to wait to download all new emails, receive all new twitter updates, etc... Through a software layer Intel isn't ready to talk about yet, Ultrabooks will be able to pull this data from the cloud while the machine is otherwise asleep.


    Along with Haswell Intel will also update Atom to Silvermont architecture.


    Medfield will be ultra mobile version of Atom, destined for handsets and tablets. However, once it is introduced Intel will need to invest in R&D at much faster speeds to remain competitive in this arena.


    According Intel 'it will be ultra responsive'. Perhaps they may be using SSD in it. Anyway, this thing looks great. The good news about this project is, Intel plans to sell these notebooks at sub 1000$ prices. Unfortunately, I bought a new SNB based DV6 few weeks ago, and it looks 'black' when compared to this. :eek:

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