Intel's Core i7-4770K 'Haswell' CPU gets benchmarked

By Shawn Knight
Mar 19, 2013
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  1. xneocea

    xneocea TS Member

    All you have to do is look at the performance of an overclock ivy or sandy processor performance in ARMA 2 and you'll have a fair baseline of its performance.
  2. I have heard the statement that PCs are dying breed so many times. People who say it are ignorant and possibly stupid. Do people honestly think that mobile IT boom is fueled by scientists and engineers working out their projects on tablets and phones? Tablets are media consumption devices and can't be production devices, but PCs are for production and and are also media consumption devices.
  3. "I have heard the statement that PCs are dying breed so many times. People who say it are ignorant and possibly stupid"

  4. "Umm, since I'm broke and can't afford a graphics card I use the integrated graphics on the i7-3770k. It gets the job done until I can afford to buy a dedicated GPU."

    Sounds like you'd have been better off buying a cheaper i5 3570k chip and spending the rest on a graphics card... Even a mid-range second-hand 2010-era discrete graphics card will beat both AMD & Intel's 2013 "integrated" offerings with very little extra cost. In fact, even a dual-core i3 with a discrete card will run way faster than a quad-core with integrated graphics in most games...
  5. Arcfire

    Arcfire TS Rookie

    You know.. mainframe people said the same thing 30 years ago... But now with cloud computing and fact that everything is getting smaller yet more powerful I wouldn't doubt that in the next 30 years we all have something as small as an tablet or smart cell with an Bluetooth equivalent headgear/implant that reads brainwaves! Not to say that we would get totally rid of PCs but I think that eventually there wont be a big need for them in everyday life.

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