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By DeathsDesign
Apr 27, 2009
  1. I was cleaning up the junk on my friends brand new Gateway laptop with Vista Home Premium. I was online long enough to update malware bytes. This was the first time the computer had been booted and connected to the internet. And in the log below is what I got when i scanned. Are these superfluous or should I be worried?


    Any idea why these would be showing up on a brand new pc that had not been booted before?

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  2. touch

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  3. Jhony

    Jhony TS Rookie

    It might be due to the viruses, so I would like you to suggest a anti virus package provided by which I am using now. I am completely relaxed by using this package to my system, they also provide computer services too. I really thank them.
  4. DeathsDesign

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    Oh lovely, so now Acer (according to the article) and my friends Gateway are preinstalled with information gathering. Lovely. well glad I got rid of it :)

    Thanks touch.

    And Johny, thanks but no thanks, I think the advertising section is elsewhere on this site.
  5. Bobbye

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    Take the wrap feature off. The log isn't being displayed correctly. If you do that, I'll review the log- but not in this format.
  6. DeathsDesign

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    here ya go, best i could do.
  7. Bobbye

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    That's better but still not right. You are questioning how or if malware got on the system if it hadn't previously connected to the internet- is that correct>

    What security has the system got because the system is vulnerable the second that connection is made. You say you updated Mbam- does that mean it had already been downloaded before? How? Flash drive?

    IF you want to check this out the right way, update and scan with Mbam again, follow with Superantispyware, then with HijackThis. Attach the logs and we can better tell what the system has on it. Pease follow the instructions for each program referring to the log directions:

    Steps here> use all three program and the other steps if needed:

    When the Malwarebytes log is attached, it should look like this:
    File Type: txt mbam-log-2009-04-27 (19-12-32).txt (3.2 KB, 1 views)

    What I don't understand is what kind of "junk" this this new computer have on it and why did you d/l Malwarebytes originally?
  8. DeathsDesign

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    Brand new computer, never had been booted up til li got to it. I downloaded and installed mabam because that is what i do for my customers, i put the appropriate software on so they can scan and keep the systems clean themselves, and since it was a brand new computer i decided to run the scan since i knew it would not take too long. I think touch is riught after doing more research, it was installed because of google chrome, but i got rid of it. and now it is fine. It had a trial of norton on it, i removed that and installed avast.

    I was not looking for a solution per se, since the system is brand new and never been booted before, just looking for an explanation. and i think the google chrome fits it. no way a computer fresh from the store would ahve any malicious spyware installed on it.
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