Internet Explorer & NoScript error

By KathyJ
Nov 11, 2011
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  1. I use file manager programs that have a viewer included with them. If I am trying to use the viewer with a saved web page, I get the Internet Explorer script error.......I have to continuously click on No, I don't want to keep running the script. I have tried several different file managers and they all do the same. I am using Internet Explorer 8 with Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3. I have gone into IE8 and disabled the script debugging in IE8 and the script debugging (other), disabled notification, disabled error reporting, checked to make sure Java is enabled. Browsing with Internet explorer seems to work fine but it is causing these problems with my file managers. After I click "no" seems like 100 times, they will finally view the files. I have tried Powerdesk Pro versions 6 & 8, and Xyplorer and they all do the same. I have tried so many file managers to mention them all. I tried it on my laptop with windows 7 and IE8 and it is the same way! Is there a sure way to shut this thing up!!! Thanks for your time!
  2. jobeard

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    back to some basics; first use the explorer.exe and navigate to the folder and perhaps click the Folder button to see the Tree View.

    now you can right-click->open with on a file to access it.

    None of this requires Scripting and thus should not fail as you describe.

    For pictures, I've set Windows Picture & Fax Viewer as the default program and once
    I open a file (dbl-click on file.jpg), there's are <| |> buttons to traverse the directory.

    For fast viewing of pictures thumbnails, try Picasa 3 which is free

    Again, none of the above require Scripting

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