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By Robin997
Mar 12, 2008
  1. hello, i have a problem with my internet, it is running slow. I only reinstalled Windows xp about 3 weeks ago, i have only installed 1 game, and AVG, spybot, and windows defender. I have defraged my pc, installed all updates, increased my RAM from 640mb to 1.6GB,which made it faster for about a day and now it is back slow again. Windows runs fine but when i click on anything on the internet, usually it does not load for a few seconds then begins to, like a delay. I often have to click twice on things before the loading bar comes up. This is especially true with video's on youtube. The internet used to run a lot quicker.

    Any idea's why this is happening?

    any help appriciated
  2. Bobbye

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    What kind of connection do you have to the internet?

    And clarify this please. You are not having a problem with the start-up, but when you're online, uploads are slow?
  3. Robin997

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    I have an ADSL conection, i haven't uploaded anything yet, but i have downloaded a couple of things and it seems mediocare enough, it seems that i click on something while i am on the internet and 5 seconds later the loading bar comes up and it loads slow. However right now it has speeded up a bit for some reason!
  4. Bobbye

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    Okay. Are you saving these to your hard drive. By today's standards, a 40GB hard drive isn't very large, especially for videos and music. And although you haven't done many installs, there will already be programs installed.

    Have you stopped everything on the Startup menu except for anti-virus program, firewall if using one, touchpad for laptop and network process if on a network? Everything that starts at boot runs in the background, using the RAM. Also check the Control Panel? Add/Remove Programs and uninstall anything you're not using.

    And you may find that at some times of day, the internet is slower, so compare over a period of time.
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