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  1. Hey guys,

    Where can I check what my current internet speed (mbps) is? I know my bill comes with the speed (1.5-3 mbps) but when I look into my "Local Area Connection" it says speed: 100 mbps. And when I connect my phone and check the speed with a few apps it all comes back as 54 Mbps. So what is my speed? I'm guessing one is upload speed and one is download speed? But how come everything shows differently?

    maybe my upload is 1.5 and download is 100Mbps and my phone caps at 54 Mbps??? I dont know...input please?

    Thx guys!!!
  2. Leeky

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    I highly recommend

    The LAN showing 100MBps is referring to the "network" connection between your computer and your router. 54MBps is usually typical for Wireless G speeds, which are slower than the cable connections. will tell you your real internet connection speeds, both downloading and uploading.
  3. winterwolf1223

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    awesome....interestingly my phones download is slower but upload is faster while my dsl is faster in download but slower in upload. Any idea why? What are they talking about when they refer speed to 1.5-3 Mbps? I assume it is download speed?
  4. Leeky

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    Yes, if a single figure is quoted it will always be the download speed.

    I can't answer the mobile broadband/internet upload speeds, though I'm guessing the internet upload speed is hitting its bandwidth limit and therefore slower than the mobile phones which is not.
  5. winterwolf1223

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    awesome thank you sooo much!!!
  6. IPJKL4

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    Check your internet speed from the website for free of cost.Here you can get the upload/download speed mentioned.
  7. CAMusing

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    "1.5-3 Mbps? I assume it is download speed? " YES
  8. mike1959

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    As a very rough rule, a home broadband package, (landline, phone and internet) will give you a speed of between 1Mbits/s and 5Mbits/s for download, and about one tenth of that for upload. It depends on how many other people are sharing the same phone line at the same time as you, and how far away you live from your local exchange.
    Mobile phone internet useage is rated (limited) to the total amount of data you can download per month, not speed. You might get 500MB/month, if you pay more you might get 5GB/month. Some ISP's have offered unlimited internet downloading, but then changed their minds and 'capped' it at about 5GB/month. The actual speed varies with signal strength, and how busy your network is, but it's somewhere around 1Mbits/s to 2Mbits/s.

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