Invalid Drive Specification (Trying to re-format)

By djsupreeme
May 31, 2006
  1. Alright. So my computer got screwed up about 2 weeks ago and i have gotten all the files i want to keep on my secondary drive (D:\) I have 2 drives. H: which is my primary, and D: which is my secondary. H has Windows XP Home on it. I created a bootdisk by right clicking my A drive in My Computer. Clicking "format" and checking the "copy system files" box.

    When i boot up with the A drive, it starts up in dos.
    I read a tutorial somewhere that said to format my drive i do this,
    CD H:
    FORMAT H: \s \v
    And it should be formated.

    Now heres my problem:
    I cannot change my directory to H:. It says "Invalid Drive Specification". I have tried "CD H" "CD H:" "CD H:\" But nothing works. The only thing that DOES work is "CD A:"

    How do i fix this and am i re-formatting correctly..

  2. PDusome

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    That tutorial may have come from DOS 3.1. BTW the slashes are facing the wrong direction (/ instead of \). Anyway...

    There is more to creating a boot disc than formating with system. See: Also, there are many reasons why the drive is not visible. Your computer may be using a drive overlay program or, more likely you need a special driver.

    However, it would be simpler just to rerun XP install. Boot from CD and delete existing partition on first drive, recreate the partition, then install. Scrapping the partition is more effective than formatting.

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