iPhone jailbreaker George Hotz hacks PlayStation 3

By Matthew
Jan 25, 2010
  1. Matthew

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    Cheapest Blu-ray burner: $180 or so
    Blu-ray discs: 10-15 for $30 (I think)
    Electricity: A buck or less per day

    On the high end, after 30 days of downloading, that's $240 for the first 15 games, assuming all the discs come out okay. New releases are what, $60? That's $900 for 15 legit games.

    The next batch of 15 pirated games would be $60 for the discs and electricity on the high end. Also, if a person is pirating a PS3 game, they're probably also downloading other media, meaning that their system is probably on when unattended anyway.
  2. Flannelwarrior

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    I think the effect this will have on the PS3 software ecosystem depends on how easy the hack is. Modding an original Xbox wasn't too hard if I remember correctly, and you could pay someone $25 to mod your 360. If people can't figure out how to mod the unit themselves, and modders are charging a premium price, it won't have much effect and will probably go mostly un-noticed by Sony. Am I right?
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