IrDA recognized as another hardware?? please help

By dae_amp_ika_dtp
Jan 27, 2006
  1. hi. im having problems with my USB to IrDA adapter. it used to work fine. one day the "add new hardware" wizard came up. it was showing found new hardware "usb-serial controller" it was my IrDA adapter being display as a usb serial controller..with the yellow exclamation mark next to it. i gave up on it. and decided to try istalling my usb data cable (the purpose or the IrDA was for my cell phone). the data cable never worked so i bought IrDA instead. i installed the data cable and its drivers.. it didnt work. so i uninstalled it and pluged in my IrDA. now its forcing me to choose the drivers for the data cable. when i choose the drivers for the IrDA. it says it contains no information for this device.. after minutes of messing with settings. i installed it manually(choosing not to auto detect new hardware) thru Add new hardware wizard as a IrDA. when it was installed i checked it in device manager and its now "IrDA Adapter 2" and it has the yellow exclamation mark next to it. so i uninstalled it again. my problem is.. being forced by add new hardware wizard to choose the drivers for the data cable. instead of choosing the drivers meant for my IrDA.

    thanks in advance.. and sorry its long.. and maybe pointless
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