Is A2DP Compatible With Any BT Dongle?

By rolanddes
Nov 18, 2007
  1. 1- I have a laptop that does not have a bt connection. I am considering to buy an EPOX CLASS2 USB BLUETOOTH 30M (BT-DG06+) dongle. Will this bt dongle let me use stereo bt headphones?

    2- In the online shopping sites, some Bt stereo headphones details state that they are compatible with a2dp standard but some doesn't mention anything about A2DP. What is the diffrence?

    As a matter of fact both my questions are the same: Is every bt dongle compatible with every bt headphones?

    Ps: I am planning to use those headphones both with laptop and I-mate Jasjam. So they have got to be A2DP compatible.

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