Is DDR2 excellent memory?

By amit1986
Nov 28, 2011
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  1. Hello Guys,
    I have recently joined this forum just because of some issues which are colliding in my mind..
    Actually I want to know that Is DDR2 an excellent memory for automotive and industrial to server, consumer, networking, and computing?
  2. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 8,554   +2,894

    Is there a reason for asking?

    You can't just pick and choose the memory type you want. The memory type must match the design called for by the motherboard. DDR3 is the latest memory design and DDR4 will probably be available before long.
  3. Jawshh

    Jawshh TS Enthusiast Posts: 392

    Automotive? You know, I really wish I could hook up my 2 DDR2-667 modules in my Prius. I wonder what kind of performance I could get with that.
  4. amit1986

    amit1986 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nice recommendation

    Thank you so much for telling me that I must check my motherboard then go for RAM ..
    Thank to you both...I would like to share something actually My Cousin wants to deal in RAM in bulk for sell and recently he associated with an Indian Company named Zipmem..and he suggested me to put a question in forums do that people would reply..That is why i put the question..
  5. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,606   +287

    Glad your question was answered Amit. As others have said you can't just pick the type of memory. Each chipset from AMD, INTEL or other manufacturers uses specific types. DDR2 or DDR3 are available. They are available in different speeds and timings which affect the overall performance of the RAM as well. I recommend reading the linked articles below for a fuller understanding.
  6. dmill89

    dmill89 TS Guru Posts: 475

    The more correct phrase may be most chipsets. For example the intel G4x/P4x chipsets can support either DDR2 or DDR3 although not at the same time. My motherboard (Gigabyte EP45C-UD3R) has slots for both DDR2 and DDR3 but you can only use one type of memory at a time. Most older G4x/P4x boards had only DDR2 slots and most newer ones have only DDR3 slots. Only a few boards actually have slots for both.
  7. ViPeRMiMiS

    ViPeRMiMiS TS Booster Posts: 84

    Arris, if my motherboard MAX ram speed is 1333 and my memory is 2133 (in mhz) then I waste energy and pay more the electric current bill by 800mhz? Or my memory will run at 1333? Thanks :D
  8. dmill89

    dmill89 TS Guru Posts: 475

    If you put 2133mhz memory in a board that maxes out at 1333 mhz the memory will run at 1333mhz. The ram speed is determined by the BIOS not the memory modules themselves(of course trying to run a slower module at higher speed can and usually will result in unstability, and thus modern BIOS's will autodetect slower modules and adjust the speed accordingly).
  9. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 8,554   +2,894

    If you max memory speed the motherboard has to offer is 1333. Anything faster will be down-clocked to 1333. However you would also have options to over-clock greater than 1333. But this has very little to do with your electric bill, not sure why you mentioned that.
  10. ViPeRMiMiS

    ViPeRMiMiS TS Booster Posts: 84

    Thanks you, so If I overclock the 2133mhz ram (that runs on the 1333mhz motherboard) to 2133mhz which is the default speed, I wont have problems with stability or temperature things right? cause this is the "normal" speed of this ram!
    I don't know why I asked about the electrical bill xD I just want to be sure for everything :D (actually I confused MHZ with Watt sorry xD)
  11. amit1986

    amit1986 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    you are right ..If we overclock the 1333 mhz ram to 2133 mhz then it will consume more electricity..because 1333 mhz is default speed of ram..

    Am I right?
  12. ViPeRMiMiS

    ViPeRMiMiS TS Booster Posts: 84

    I don't really know :D
  13. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 1,631   +432

    Exactly right. IMO, overlcocking your memory without a bump in voltage, is a pretty useless overclock.
  14. ViPeRMiMiS

    ViPeRMiMiS TS Booster Posts: 84

    but normally the default speed of this ram is 2133mhz (let's say) and the motherboard restricts it to its own limits (1333mhz).
    For example for 2133mhz ram I pay 1 euro per month (I said it for an example lol xD)
    but the motherboard uses 1333mhz cause that is it's maximum, so I pay <1 Euro. So I OVERCLOCK the 1333mhz to 2133mhz, I will pay 1 Euro per month (like I should if I had a mobo that supported 2133mhz ram) or more?

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