Is it the graphics card or Dell?

By land_shark47
May 12, 2007
  1. I've been reading somewhat through these forums and my problem seems to be the same for a lot of dell users. My horizontal dots on the screen like this [​IMG] appears to be the same with others. Now I have re-installed the Nvidia driver and the problem remains. I've take the hardware accelerator down 1 notch and the dots go away but games are glitchy and videos dont play. If I take it down 4 levels then I can play only some movies but games are still glitchy. I have a Dell XPS M170 w/ media center, nvidia geforce go 7800 gtx graphics card. I only have about a week to fix this problem due to being deployed soon. If anyone has any clue to what this issue is any help would be greatly appreaciated. Thank you
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