is MMORPG like lineage 2 playable offline without internet connection?

By ani123
Aug 18, 2007
  1. few months ago i posted a thread asking whether there was any single player option in a popular MMORPG naming 'lineage 2 chronicle 4',i got a reply which told me to do something with server,but it was not very clear to me as i've not ever played any multiplayer game for not having internet connection in my gaming pc.therefore please tell me if it is possible to play the above game totally offline in single player mode.
  2. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    You're not going to be able to play popular MMORPG's without internet access as these are designed to connect to a proprietary server over the internet.

    There are some folks that have tried to reverse-engineer server emulators, but these are never as good as connecting to the actual provider servers plus they'd need a second PC (or extremely powerful PC if you wish to try to run the client AND hacked/custom server on the same PC).

    My best suggestion to you would be- find a comparable or enjoyable one-player RPG for when you wish to play games one-player. Games like Neverwinter Nights, Oblivion and others offer MMORPG style elements of character progression, but are one-player.
  3. TimeParadoX

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    I agree with sharkfood, I ran a private server for wow for about a month, it was sortof buggy ( even after I fixed up some bugs myself )

    But the The Elderscrolls series is a really nice RPG ( Morrowind is best but oblivion has better "graphics" so people tend to play that more )
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