Is there some sort of handle for cases to make them "portable"?

By Atham
Aug 12, 2011
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  1. Hey TechSpot,

    I know it may sound stupid, but is there some sort of handle or attachment for cases to make them portable.
    If yes please let me know.

  2. rockyjohns

    rockyjohns TS Rookie Posts: 80

    I am not aware of any - that is what laptops are for. However Cooler Master makes the Storm Scout case with a built in handle on top - but it kind of looks like an old 5 gallon gas can:

    Maybe you could invent something a get rich. Might be a demand for something like that - maybe a could of straps that would wrap around the computer and connect to a handle on top where the straps could be synched up. You could leave it on one computer or use it for any computer you wanted to move or lug around.

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