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By alexgoh
Mar 8, 2011
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  1. Dear all, I wish to sign up for fibre optic broadband in my country and would like to know if this networking is possible. My house is currently hardwired with ethernet, with the current ADSL modem in my dad's computer the room. The new fibre optic however, is at our living room. So I'm wondering if this can be done and how. Fibre optic point -> modem provided by ISP -> Wireless-N Router -> Point A (Dad's computer room) -> My room via hardwire. What I'd like to know is about point A. Is there a device that can receive this wireless transmission and distribute it like a modem to the rest of the computers via ethernet cable. Thanks very much for the insights!
  2. alexgoh

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    Bump bump, does anyone have any idea? :D Would love some expert advice.
  3. jobeard

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    If you literally serialize Router->A->My Pc, then A must be active or else My Pc gets nothing
    and even if A is active, there's a performance issue running thru a general purpose computer
    (at least use a network device; router, switch or access-point)
    Consider this layout:
    ISP==WiFi_Router - - - A (dad)
               + - - - - wifi access point - - - - wired or wifi to your PC
                          (in bridge mode)
    The WiFi router will provide the DHCP service and your connection to the A/P
    can be on a different ssid, channel, & passphrase to both clarify the connection
    and reduce interference.

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