Is this the blue screen of death?

By cuegt
Apr 20, 2006
  1. My friend has an older model Dell, and when i say older, i mean older. I can't remember 4 sure but i think it's a L600 desk top, anyway upon booting up the computer u see the dell boot up screen then as it's trying to load (window98) it show a blue screen saying A fatal exception OE has occured at 16BF:000014E3 the application will be terminated. Then it give 2 options. 1. Press any key to terminate current appilcation, 2 Press control alt Delete to restart. Needless to say pressing control alt and delete only repeats the cycle. Now i can get into set up, but i know nothing about being in the bios of the system that's why i'm here asking u guys for any idea as to if this is the blue screen of death?
  2. Coolmatt

    Coolmatt TS Rookie Posts: 66

    Yep, that is indeed the Blue Screen of Death!


    But to tell the truth it really is nothing. It just says that and then you have to restart your computer. If you use Windows XP you RARELY see the Blue Screen unless you are using a Dell Laptop....heh...
  3. cuegt

    cuegt TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    Yep that's it

    Well he's running window's 98 and everytime u restart his computer it goes through the same thing again. Will changing out the HD save the computer of is the complete computer dead, and thanks for the quick reply.
  4. Coolmatt

    Coolmatt TS Rookie Posts: 66

    Does it pop up while it is shutting down or starting up?
  5. Coolmatt

    Coolmatt TS Rookie Posts: 66

    What Service Pack of Windows 98 is he running?
  6. cuegt

    cuegt TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    start up

    It pops up after the Dell screen, as it's trying to load windows. I'm not sure about the service pack, but i'd assume it was sp1 if any. It was a computer given to a freind of mine.
  7. Coolmatt

    Coolmatt TS Rookie Posts: 66

    I would upgrade the Service Pack of Windows 98. That's the only reason I can think of.
  8. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

    dude you got a dud (dell)!

    yup that's the BSOD.
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