Issues when playing DVD's.

By antjscott
Dec 14, 2005
  1. Hey guys,

    I've just bought myself a new graphics card, installed it all properly as i should've etc. It is a Geforce 6600, PCI-E 512mb ddr2. Now when I play games with it, it is absolutely awesome, and i can run absolutely every game on high detail, high res, without any lag at all, unlike my old Raedon 128mb X300, PCI-E. No complaints there at all. The problem that I have with this card, unlike all my other cards that i've previously had, is that when i play a dvd, no matter what program, i've tried about 10 already, about 5 mins into the actual movie, the video all of a sudden freezes up and wont do anything. Is this just a simple issue of me having to update the latest driver? or is there something dodgy happening here?
  2. feardaspear

    feardaspear TS Rookie Posts: 25

    Try updating the graphic drivers see what happens, also is it only in dvds or other video files as well
  3. iss

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    Did you uninstall the radeon drivers before installing the 6600? the best way to uninstall the radeon drivers is with ATI's own cat. uninstaller.
  4. Federelli

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  5. antjscott

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    yeah i think that's where i may have stuffed up. cos i went and installed the driver straight away, then uninstalled the raedon driver... yeah i used intervideo dvd decoder, and the same thing happened there... i'll try using the latest driver's and see how i go.
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