Issues with ATI X1650 Pro

By schmak
Jan 26, 2007
  1. So I descide to overhaul my PC to get it to work for a while before doing the full upgrade.

    My System before I got the card was:

    ATI 9800XT
    2GB PC133 Ram
    2800+ Barton
    Via Chipset
    Antec 350w Powersupply

    In World of Warcraft, using the Catalyst 5.10 drivers on the 9800 I was able to get around 50-60 FPS out in non-populated areas with settings down on 1600x1050 resolution. In cities and groups of 25 or more, it could drop down to the 16-18 fps.

    So I bought the X1650 Pro for 256 more ram, faster ram, faster processor on the card. Unfortunately I had to update the Catalyst, and the 6.8 which I used keeps me at 20-22 fps in group, but never more than 35 when out running around. I tried the 7.1's released this month, and its far worse, 5-6 fps in crowded areas, 20's in open areas.

    I finnaly tweaked it a little bit by not installing the catalyst control center, just the drivers, using the 6.8 that came with it, and amd gettign 28-37 fps constant no matter where I am, but its all still with all settings at the bare minimum other than the resolution.

    Does anyone have simmilar issues with this card and Frame rates or know of any tweaks fixes? The Omega Drivers are just as bad as the 7.1

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