Java problem - memory leak?

By forever so
Jan 15, 2013
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  1. Lately, I've been having a problem with running out of memory on my laptop while playing Minecraft - a game that requires Java.

    This has just started after I've uninstalled and reinstalled Java. I first got rid of it because, well, you should know why. It's all over the news. Anyway, when I discovered that I needed it for Minecraft I begrudgingly reinstalled it. Making sure to disable it in my browser, of course.

    But now it's got this nasty habit of taking up a metric ton of RAM. So much so that Windows has forced me to close Minecraft on two occasions in the past day. This is the first time this has ever happened to me in the 2+ years I've been playing MC off and on. One glance at my Processes in Task Manager shows me multiple Java SE Binaries taking up ridiculous amounts of memory. Hundreds of thousands of kilobytes. And the only way to kill these processes is to reboot (I have Java's run-on-boot disabled as well. I only need Java when I'm playing Minecraft so that's the only time I ever want it running).

    And what's worse, just now, after having to kill my game again, I kept trying to reopen it, but instead I'm only getting another Java SE Binary and no game. Game never opened. Just another instance of Java taking up yet more space.

    What's going on here? Is that what a "memory leak" is?

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