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By rev_olie
Apr 13, 2008
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  1. Hey

    Im in sixth form at the moment and it coming up to the point like this time next year when i have to leave and do the uni thing or not. Ive currently opted for on the job training because i need the cash and it gives you experience. But ive got a load of free time comming up were i want to learn stuff. So what o you think are the essentials and also avanced points i need ot know to get a job in Pc repair and maybe networking probably in a school?. I know bits about Viruses and parts of the PC and other operating system aspects soon to get farmilliar with MAc and that turning off the pc and turnning it on again usually solves the problmes :approve: but im sure i need to know more maybe some sort of programming jargon and if i need some sort of programming language were do i learn it like C++ etc.

    Also were do you find out about new hardware thats coming out eg whe DDR 723444 RAM comes out (bitt of an over statment :approve:) and new graphics cards.

    Finally were do people go to learn how to read HJT logs because i want to know for myself and maybe other people but some guides onine are a bit misleading and saying to look at one you nee a professional but how do you become a professional.

    those three questions answered would make me happy :D :approve:.
  2. kimsland

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  3. rev_olie

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    o wow that geeks to go site is brilliant and so is the other one

    I have sent of my application form hope i get selected :stickout:
  4. kimsland

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    And you're staying here I hope
    Please try supporting when you can
    There's a lot of members that will correct you if you're wrong anyway
    But remember that support comments can be critical, ie even saying run Check Disk can lose a members entire data! (as an example)
    But if you are sure on your post, go ahead.

    Glad you liked the links
    That's the world's main one to graduate from :)
  5. rev_olie

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    o yer im definitley staying here because theres so much to learn like from members and FAQs and such but i wll definatley try and answer some questions thanks :grinthumb
  6. kritius

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    Good luck with the training, where did you choose?
  7. rev_olie

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