Jokwmp and other fine tales

By LisaJ
Nov 27, 2007
  1. I don't know if I have posted my question correctly, I am rather new to this site and the forums, but I was hoping that someone might have time to assist me. The following problem that I describe is on the only PC that I have; my daughter (high school senior) and myself (small business owner) share it, so when it's down, there's a big impact. If you have time to help, I would really appreciate it. I discovered that my tool bar had received an addition: the Jokwmp toolbar and I was subjected to constant openings of Internet Explorer windows directing me to "anti-virus software sites" as described by others. I discovered your site and reviewed Howard's 16-step malware removal action plan. I discovered several Trojans and other unwanted tenants in my system. I think that my system is now clean but it is still running slow. I am posting my logs as directed. Please review and advise and thanks in advance for your valuable assitance.

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