JPEG File names have disappeared Windows 7

By Burney
Aug 23, 2012
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  1. All of my JPEG file names in Pictures or Documents Folders have disappeared in the Views of Extra Large, Large and Medium Icons but are visible in all other Views. If I double click on the file, the file name is at the top of the screen, if I right click and go into Properties the file name is there. I have searched for a solution and seen varying advice that has not solved the problem:
    1) System File checker - no problems revealed.
    2) Holding down Shift on the next folder up and double clicking on the affected folder.
    3) Holding down Shift whilst on another unaffected View, then clicking on an affected View.
    4) Running a scan with Malwarebytes
    5) In Folder Options restoring defaults on the General and View tabs.
    6) Right clicking on a space in a folder provides no useful help.
    I have also checked in Safe Mode and found the file names were missing there too. Sometimes, after switching on the PC, the files in the first folder I open are named but if I go to another folder they have disappeared; then back to that first folder to find they have disappeared there too. This is very frustrating. Can anyone help?

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