JVC Home Theater System External HD Hookup?

By itreignsfyre
Sep 21, 2008
  1. Product: JVC THD60 HT System
    Wanting: hook up an external hard drive of some kind to the front USB 2.0 port so i can have all of my movies at the touch of a button
    issue: don't know which one to get; don't know how to hook one up; don't know if it is even possible
    other thoughts: i tried hooking up my 500gb mybook to it but all that came up was my songs. also i watch movies on it all the time using a flash drive from my computer to it so it cant be the file formats. also i have read that the HDD needs to be in fat32 mode and the mybook is in fat32 and still only get the songs on it to play.
  2. itreignsfyre

    itreignsfyre TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok so no one can help, grrrreat..i thought at least someone out there knew how this worked! :(
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