Kingston vs other memory

By grifterec
Nov 4, 2004
  1. Im ditching the 2700 ram in my system and am needing to get some ddr 3200 ram, im gonna get 2 512 sticks. What brand is the best bang for the buck. IE +- 200 bucks for the gig?
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    So ballistix is the best then?
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    Ballistix is quite expensive but still less expensive then other high-end Rams such as Corsair XMS & Kingston HyperX & as such is a better bang-for-buck if you're willing to shell out the extra money.

    Otherwise regular Crucial memory is very good, very reliable & comes with a lifetime warranty. I'd rather buy regular Crucial modules then modules from Corsair's or Kingston's value series. Crucial is probably the Ram with the least known incompatibilities.:)
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    i really like that flash animation about the cats in your blog. and thatnks yet again for your help.
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    :stickout: THE amd 2400+ is supposed to run at 2000Mhz.And i have an ASUS A7N8X 2.0acpi Bios REV 1010.I have 768Mb of PC3200 duel channel Kingston Value Ram.I also have no problems with any of what you are telling this other guy.My 2400+ runs at 2002Mhz and it is just fine.I also payed $155.00 for the Kingston ram,of which a bit of it was 2 day delivery.
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