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By Finchy
Jun 8, 2008
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  1. N.B The tilte was meant to read 'Kit Car Insuranse' but I wasn't concentrating and messed up, sorry

    A while ago I asked about Classic Car insuranse, as I am interested in my first car being different and stylish, as well as cheaper to insure,

    A recent repeat of Top Gear showed a Ferrari repilca based on a Toyota MR2, and apparently that now made it classed as a Kit Car and the owners insuranse dropped from £1500 to £300.

    Is cheap insuranse a general rule for kit cars, for I am increasingly interested in the classic British sports car kits etc that you can get.

    Does anyone here have any knowledge in this field?
  2. iMoose

    iMoose TS Rookie Posts: 57

    England must be different than the states!

    I looked into building a 550 Spyder kit that's based on a VW Bug pan.

    Insurance from 4 companies cost DOUBLE what it would have if just registered as a Bug.

    I hope it's more practical there, and good luck!

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