Kodak DVC 325 webcam

By artt313
Dec 9, 2011
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  1. Just found an old webcam laying around - Kodak DVC 325 and can't seem to get it going... plug and play doesn't recognize it and I tried using the tips in the guide, still nothing. I can't seem to find the software it came with, any chance I can get this things running ?
  2. LookinAround

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    Windows doesn't need drivers to detect plug and play hardware. That means if when you plug it in, you can't see any change in Device Manager for the cam to show it's connected (e.g. as any type of new device that shows up in DevMgr - whether as USB, Image or Other device) then is most likely
    > The cam is turned off (if it is has a power button)
    > The USB cable is bad or
    > The cam itself has failed

    Try it on another computer, if any sign of detection in Device Manager. If no, driver isn't the issue. It's one of the above
  3. artt313

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    Thanks for your reply. I found out that it's not compatible with newer versions of windows so basically, obsolete. Found out directly through kodak website. I just went out and bought a $20 webcam that works great for my purposes (skype) I had this thing laying around and just wanted to see if it could still work.

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