LaCie intros rugged, waterproof XtremKey USB flash drive

By Jos
Jul 14, 2010
  1. LaCie has announced a new flash drive capable of withstanding pressure, heat, water and drops, keeping your data safe as you go on the harshest of environments. Dubbed XtremKey, the PC and Mac compatible drive is housed inside a 2mm thick pipe casing made from a zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper alloy called zamac, while the shell itself is sealed with a rubber O-ring and wear-resistant screw threads for maximum protection.

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  2. Looks and sounds sweet, but most users don't suffer from damaged USBs--they suffer from the loss of USB's. Is there a way to implant this baby underneath my skin? A BioUSB.
  3. I wouldn't joke they'll be doing that eventually for most things like credit cards.
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