Laptop doesn't boot after blowing out internals

By hammondbeck
Oct 26, 2010
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  1. I got a thermal shut down message on my work computer. I work in a dusty shop so dust does accrue rapidly. A coworker and I carefully opened up the computer and blew it out with canned air. After putting it back together, the thing would not boot up.

    Upon hitting the power button, I can hear the disk start up, then nothing. The power indicator light is on, but nothing happens.

    Our IT guys didn't sound hopeful.

    Any ideas on what might have happened?
  2. jamesodriscoll

    jamesodriscoll TS Rookie Posts: 91


    Do you work in an IT shop or have much experience with computers?

    What laptop were you using?

    It sounds like you may have snapped a cable somewhere or dislodged one somewhere.

  3. lemonadegame

    lemonadegame TS Rookie

    Connect it to an external display. Does it get video?

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