Latitude D810  unlocking

By kalevpoeg
Jun 28, 2007
  1. Hi,

    I'm unlocking at themoment my Dell Latitude D810 with LA-2631P motherboard and EEProm 24CO4N chip.
    Here is link for picture

    First when I bought it it gave me gray screen so I opened case and started to look for EEProm and I did found it under videocard.You can see it from picture,pen is pointing it. It is upside down so pins start from Upper Right corner.
    I got good advice to short/ground pins 5 or 6 and at certain time when powering up comp. So I used some tape to safely secure to hold 5 inch long string of wire which I attached to pin 5 and replaced videocard. Wire had to bent first to come out from under videocard. Then I connected screen and started up and immediatley grounded this wire with videocard metal core.
    I had to redo it many times and then I found that my HDD (string: T24T622HN7N-595B) is locked. So I need help with that. I did download punch of progs. and I'll keep posted how I advance with my unlocking saga.
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    Nice pic of the board, would you mind awfully if I took the pic and added it to the site, and if you can post a full explanation of how you performed the short that would be good as well, send it to webmaster at

    As for the HD lock, you wont get round that..... but there is some help on my site for HD unlocking...

  3. kalevpoeg

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    Board picture is free to use for anyone, just mention Kalevpoeg in context.
    I still struggle with HDD unlocking and to pay 50 Euros for someone to generate password is too expensive.
  4. Ididmyc600

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    50 Euros gets the service tag password, not the HD password, there is only the repair station site (mentioned on my site) that can unlock a HD, there is no other method at all.....

    Please dont waste your time trying its impossible without the correct tools...


    I'll be adding the pic to the site soonest, thanks for that....
  5. kalevpoeg

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    Oh, thanks! Fortunately I got service tag reset my own and unlocked notbook, now I'm waiting for brand new HDD I bought. After holidays ( Happy 4th to all ) I hope to be ready to post my hard work results. :)
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