LED in front lights up, no other activity?

By Nixtarian
Nov 27, 2010
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  1. Hello there all, this is my first time trying to troubleshoot my own computer so I figure that I would try to head to this forum for some assistance. The other day there was what I think was a power surge through the lines which 1. fried my router which now just turns on but cant transmit the internet signals through it because my computer shows a connection but just sits at limited connectivity and 2. destroyed something with my desktop.

    I am much more concerned with my desktop currently and I am wondering what the problem might be. When the power is turned on to the computer the LED in the front lights up on the power button, but there is absolutely no activity for the computer what so ever. This leads me to believe that the motherboard is fried. Am I correct in this assumption? The motherboard is a Foxconn M61PMV if that helps anyone.

    Thanks so much if you can help with this!!

  2. Tmagic650

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    Swap out the power supply first, before the motherboard. Open the computer case and check and smell for burned components. If you don't see or smell anything, hopefully its only the power supply. Just because you have a power light, this doesn't mean that the power supply is putting out all the necessary voltages that a computer needs

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