Left 4 Dead opinions

By Mutiny
Feb 11, 2008
  1. Hey, I am a Left 4 Dead waiter in which I am waiting for the game. Looks good and fun and teamplay seems nice. I wanted to make this post to see other peoples opinions and who was actually going to get the game, since I am curious of how many people are willing to play. Just a nice friendly opinion post. Here is my opinion

    I think this game will love up to its hype but maybe other people who are not teamplay oriented might bring the game down some.
  2. galilee12

    galilee12 TS Rookie

    I believe that die-hard zombie movie fans will love it because it seems to be more of a game in which you role-play in a way akin to a movie.
  3. Mutiny

    Mutiny TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    Yea the zombie fans will love it, and I am sure it will also appeal to those who love co-op like play.
  4. BoneyardBrew

    BoneyardBrew TS Rookie Posts: 29

    I think the game will be excellent, and appeal to all Counter Strike Source Zombie Mod players. Being one myself, I think I will definitely love it. Another turn on is the co-op play. There aren't many games out there with this feature, but I really do enjoy the ones with it.
  5. MrSnoobs

    MrSnoobs TS Rookie Posts: 30

    I enjoyed Zombie mods for Half-Life 1 and 2, (Zombie Panic etc) and this seems very similar. I wonder if it will be worth the full price of a game though, but that applies for all multiplayer games like this.
  6. minihassan

    minihassan TS Rookie

    i actually love those sort of games
  7. M0R0NI

    M0R0NI TS Rookie Posts: 92

    Zombie games have not appealed to me. I would rather fight something that can be more of a challange.
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